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Crystal Chakras Ankh Necklace


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Defined by the body’s natural cycle, the 7 chakras cosmically connect us to the rest of the universe.
With ancient Egyptian origins, these “wheels” are believed to work together in order to promote peace,
harmony and blissful balance. Featuring a stone for each chakra, this ankh pendant necklace makes a
lovely gift for the spiritual god or goddess in your life.

Wearing Ankh clothing and jewelry is more than just “wearing”.
The ankh was made during the time of ancient understanding of what symbols and geometry does, and how it affects the vibrations of its surroundings, and in turn, manifest its effects to our physical plane.

 It is literally time to represent your ancestors, and yourself. The visual and emotional effect on the wearer and viewers of ancient African and Egyptian culture shows the benefits in itself.

There has been a disconnect throughout the age with spirituality and consciousness. Along with that, a lack of understanding of the power of culture, fashion, and what it can do to invoke unity and change. but then you can look around and see the mass collective change for yourself.

Congratulations, with the purchase you are raising your frequency, your consciousness, and connection with the family, not to mention your fly.

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Silver, Zinc, Gemstone




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