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That Ankh Life The Benefits and Challenges of Polygyny in Black America

4 Benefits of Polygyny to Black America 

Polygyny has a MODERN history of control and female oppression. But what is often overlooked is that so does monogamy, so does gay marriage, so has every religion, government, and civilization over the last age(2100+ years) of Aries. An age of masculine dominance… But originally polygyny was a matriarchal structure.

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The concept of polygyny was invented by women, out of love for their sisters and the community and for the benefits of the children. Understanding that the birth rate of women has always been more than men(female planet), and the death rates of men in war and nature have always increased what is already a lopsided ratio.


They understood the animalistic and natural behaviors and needs of humans. And obviously not influenced by today’s religion and media. 

Most people only know of their own religion, what someone else has told them. One of the most enlightening things a religious person can do is to, with an unbiased eye, actually read their own religious texts.



All many of us know are the media images of SWAT teams in Utah walking Morman women and children out of their homes. But they didn’t tell you is that each state individually determines if polygamy is a crime, and Utah was the most recent state where it has been legal. Which is the reason those families chose to live there in the first place.


Today, polygamy is permitted and practiced in countries predominantly in Africa and Asia, including Algeria, Mali, Niger, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. 

Europe, Australia, and America are included in the areas where polygamy is outlawed. No coincidence.

What we realized today is that a “Matriarchal Polygynous” relationship can actually provide freedom to the women involved. 


Here’s we’ll discuss 4 Benefits of Polygyny to Black America:


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1. Economics.

By now, we all know by now that:


  • 9 to 5 is the new slavery. 
  • Debt is the New Shackles
  • Corporate middle class are the new complacent house slaves
  • The poor and lower class are the new field slaves
  • Athletes are the new prize fighters/gladiators
  • Entrepreneurs & Buns are the new successful & unsuccessful runaway slaves


They moved from physical slavery to wage slavery because it’s more profitable. And since it’s no longer physical slavery, they can now enslave some of their own to make you think it happens to everyone.


They highlight those that they have helped and propped up to be successful (The entertainment industry) … as opposed to family and community structures that build success on their own terms without “getting signed”. 


They highlight the individual success to hide the fact that families build generational wealth,  Families build kingdoms, Families provide security and freedom.


The examples are abundant, The Rothschilds and Rockefellers, The Waltons, From the British royalty to the Chinese emperors, to Egyptian pharaohs… even in your local community where you see the children working at the Chinese stores and salons, Arabic families working the gas stations, and long-running family-owned Italian restaurants. 


And by family, it doesn’t have to be blood or paperwork, it’s how you interact. That’s why sometimes you see individuals come together, treat each other “like family” and create wealth together. 

There is often a level of trust within smart families that is hard to get elsewhere and it’s

 very beneficial when being able to work together to generate wealth. Although there have been systems put in place to eliminate that family connection in Black America, it is naturally innate and has endured.



For some reason, it’s easy for people to see the difference between a double income in a single income family, but yet it’s difficult to fully understand the advantages a household with three or more incomes. Keeping your own money and just investing in small things together makes an exponential difference.


Many polygynous families prefer the abundance of free time that they get versus other relationship structures. And put that time into building a business. Multiple adults with multiple kids in a family business structure reduces the overhead of outsourcing some services and tasks, and saves on some employee costs. it also provides instantly a trusted and personally invested executive board that can help with investments and operational decisions. 

Business existed before money. And the origins of the concept of business derives from the concepts of family. 


If you look into the Blacks Law Dictionary the standard for legal terms and definitions, you will find many of the same words we commonly use to describe our families and relationships carrying more business-related definitions. Same words because etymologically from the same concept.


When we start to operate family like business. More Ancient African and less Roman-tic; we can provide ourselves with opportunities, freedoms, income, health, education, we may not otherwise get.


And a lot less heartache, loneliness, adultery, animosity, and restrictions that come with most relationships.


Many people marry for money anyway, or at least consider finances as a major relationship decision factor.


2. Time.


The most valuable resource in existence, the only true thing you can’t get back.


Let’s do some honest math.

Especially as a woman, you need time to yourself, to pamper and introspect. You need mommy time with and without the kids. And time for your own personal ambitions and goals. 


Think about it, after going to separate jobs, sleeping, and transportation, how many hours per week do/did you spend with your spouse? 


Most are afraid to add it up because they will realize that in 168 hours out of the week most are averaging less than 30 hours per week. That’s 4 hours a day, and that’s very generous in for most households.


That’s also enough for some cheaters to have a couple of side chicks and even whole side families. If you take away the time when they get on your nerves, you probably need less than that. 


Many women see their men too much. They feel so lonely in between relationships that they overcompensate when the relationship comes, just as we have to overcompensate on the weekend to make up for lost freedoms on weekdays.


Others are part of a growing trend of women who are independent and successful, and find themselves needing a relation that is deep and lasting and monogamous (at least on her part), but without being time and energy-consuming. They often feel that low-key promiscuity, or ball and chain husband, are the only two options.


Many women can appreciate twice as many healthy homemade meals, with half the duties of cooking, cleaning that polygyny often brings.


Many can appreciate the opportunity to homeschool, and eliminate the lost time (and money) of daycare, school costs, and transportation. Not to mention the opportunity to re-educate yourself as you groom your own for the real world. 


And in a polygamous relationship, homeschooling your kids is 1 to 3 hours per day per adult.


Technically with less bills, and less physical responsibility, you could work less; from home, part-time, on a business, or even not at all if your agreed role is in other areas.


What would you do with this new free time? You could continue to work and put money into savings, travel, business, etc.


Spend more free time with your husband, kids, friends, family… or yourself.


For some of us, it’s even time to ask ourselves Is travel a dream or a requirement.


What about those of us who are barren? …or whose husbands have been caged or slain? …or those of us who would like to have children or more children without going through the physical stresses of pregnancy every time?


3. Health


Physical health

More personal time allows us to get fresher and healthier foods, prepare them properly and digest them slowly.

Homeschooling is already great quality family time, but growing and preparing healthy food, is homeschool, and quality family time all at once. A trifecta that works wonders over time.


Mental Health

We won’t get into how your food, not only affects your body, but your mind just as significantly. That’s an easy one to research.


Polygyny often provides peace of mind that everyone likely is sexually satisfied, contractually legally protected, and like-minded when it comes to business and nation-building.


4. The Sisterhood


Polygyny encourages the culture of women seeing women as family and not competition. 

It allows men to embrace their masculine dominance without female oppression. 

It allows women to embrace their feminine companionship and experience their emotions without shame.

 … depending on your age, sister wives’ menstrual cycles will likely start to match up. Why is that? …when you think about it, this is actually easier on the family. Nature knows what it is doing.


This is an excerpt, click here to check out the full article – The Benefits and Challenges of Polygyny in Black America.

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