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4 Benefits of Polygyny to Black America 
Polygyny has a MODERN history of control and female oppression. But what is often overlooked is that so does monogamy,
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The 10 Arguments Against Polygyny
  Let’s have a grown-up conversation. Most people now are aware of what Polygamy is. It is a practice of
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The Benefits and Challenges of Polygyny in Black America
Poly This Poly That.   Let’s have a grown-up conversation. Most people now are aware of what Polygamy is. It
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That Ankh Life – Crowdfunding Kickstarter
Currently, That Ankh Life is raising money to help fund the expansion of our online marketplace and educational services.  
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What is an Ankh?
  There is a lot of confusion. So much that many have dismissed it altogether, others are eager to understand.
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Kemetic Science, The Emerald Tablet, and the Hermetic Law of Mentalism
Let’s talk Kemetic Science.   Many of us are waking up the knowledge of ancient black history, and how understandings have
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The Burning of Library Of Alexandria: The Crime of the Age
The burning of the Library of Alexandria ranks among the worst crimes ever committed against humanity. The loss of scientific
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Kemetic Yoga: Reconnecting to an ancient understanding
  What is Kemetic Yoga? Kemetic Yoga is a form of yoga that improves spiritual enlightenment, health, and awareness through
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The Ancient Kemet (Egypt) they didn’t show you: More than Just Pyramids and Sphinx
Oh, they only told you about the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx?  We will give them a break,
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Your Ancestry DNA Test.. Why you should get it… Which kit to use… And how it works.
Notice! Not all African ancestry DNA kits give you the same results! Some give you very little information, and others
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