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Preferred Affiliate Program

  • Are you a part of a network of black-owned businesses?
  • Do you manage a social group of business owners?
  • Do you have a channel or following of entrepreneurs? 


If YES is the answer to any of these, we would like you to invite you to apply for our Preferred Membership program.

Our goal is to connect your black-owned businesses with our marketplace of consumers that are looking for their “Black Etsy”.


Program Details

  • Standard Affiliates earn 4% commission for every order within 7 days.

Preferred Affiliate receives:

  • $1(dollar) per commission for every approved vendor referral.
  • 1% continual commission on everything that referred vendor earns.
  • 5% commission on all other products for every order within 7 days.


Why your network will love us?

  • Our marketplace provides 85-90% to vendors
  • We provide SEO and marketing services for our vendors.
  • Our Marketplace is available to Service Business and Subscriptions.
  • We are Black-owned and dedicated to the community.


Imagine providing a service to your network and getting 1% lifetime sales and 1$ per referral.

Imagine your group or following finding a sales channel with step-by-step support, premium marketing services, and is catered to their target audience.

Imagine finding creative and innovative ways to circulate money in our own community, programs like this one where everyone benefits.





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