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The Age of Enlightenment: A List of References


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This is an opportunity for our family members who do have the time and diligence
to research, to help those of us who don’t. We have created a list of books to help
re-educate many of the suppressed information and mis-teachings in our life, and to
reconnect with our history, family and ourselves.

This is by no means exhaustive, but we believe it is very comprehensive. The
book lists includes reads for “non-readers” and kids, to advanced textbooks, ancient
writings, and detailed translations. It is encouraged that every family build a physical
library. This collection will be used in establishing a new education curriculum for
children and adults.

This reference ebook will be a “Live” document meaning it will continue to
change and grow over time, you will be updated, and invited to redownload as the book

This book is most beneficial to the African descendants in North America
because this particular group of people, have been cut off from their history, nature, and
knowledge more than any other group in history. And much of this information is of

African origin, as that is the origins of man and mankind.
But truth is truth, facts are facts and nature is nature, these understandings are
beneficial to all organisms capable of understanding. And with that said, there was no
precedent given to the race or nationality of the authors, but instead to the pertinence of
the information.

Speaking of authors, most of the authors have other books that also deserve to
be included on this list. We tried to use various factors to narrow down the list but we
know some information resonates with each individual more than others, so please
branch off into their other books.

We have attempted to link to the books for your convenience, as well as the
audiobook when possible.We value your opinion and feedback so check our Blog to join
in on the conversation.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, Share with the family.

Thank you and enjoy,



Re-Learning Health
Suppressed American History
Black History is World History
Learning Ancient History
African Spirituality is Science
Black Wealth and Economics


143 books. A list that would rival any school curriculum, at any level.
But don’t be overwhelmed, each of us has our own path.


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