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Natural Wrapped White Quartz Crystal Necklace


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Natural Wrapped White Quartz Crystal Necklace

100% natural white crystal rough stone handmade.

Pure natural white crystal rough stone, each with its own unique texture, a unique gift.

The magnetic field produced by white crystals promotes metabolism by affecting water molecules in human cells.

In addition, the tiny magnetic field generated by the white crystal can also adjust the wearer’s human bioelectricity, so that the bioelectrical disturbance caused by the lesion of the wearer’s body is restored to normal, so that the wearer’s body remainss healthy. Finally, the white crystal’s magnetic field can also protect against the irritability, insomnia and other diseases caused by electromagnetic waves in modern society, while helping the wearer to immune to harmful radiation.


Texture: Naturally formed, each one is unique
Size: about 3 – 5cm in length
color: White
Material: white quartz crystal gemstone

1. This product is purely natural, not exactly the same, each one is unique, some products will have cracks, this is a natural formation, not a damage.

2. Due to the uniqueness of the natural molding of the product, the color and shape are random, I hope you like it.



Additional information


white quartz crystal gemstone


about 3 – 5cm in length


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