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That Ankh Life

Long venerated for their elusiveness and representative of sovereignty, royalty and divine authority, the
snake also traditionally symbolizes renewal, fertility, and vivacity. Legend has it, snakes have been
closely associated with Cleopatra and her descendants for centuries. Grab your slithering silvery snake necklace
to declare your style independence once and for all!

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  • Peace, and thankhs for the support.

    I would first recommend checking out our Age of Enlightenment eBook, it is a list of book references. Many of the books and authors all have an online following of their own, that you can interact with.

    Something more immediate that comes to mind is
    “Sa Neter” has a very informational youtube channel himself, but the list of nominees for the awards can lead you so very enlightening and educational information.

    hope that helps
    thankhs again

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