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That Ankh Life – Crowdfunding Kickstarter

Currently, That Ankh Life is raising money to help fund the expansion of our online marketplace and educational services.


We are looking for backers that support our mission to pledge a 1-time or monthly amount to our expansion project.  In return for your pledge, you will receive a VIP package of exclusive products, services, and discounts. (see below)


What is the mission?

Technically, our mission is to “Help others become conscious of their environment and history, to improve their spiritual and physical journey“. But, it’s much deeper than just one sentence…


Awareness and Education

Recognized as one of the finest collection of researchers online; with what has been called “The Most Enlightening Newsletter in the World”, several series of published articles, e-books, and an extensive online blog.


Your contributions will allow us to publish more ground-breaking books and articles, establish and sustain workshops, training programs, and conferences on lost ancient knowledge. Topics include Ancient Egypt and Ancient Africa, Sacred Math, Kemetic Science, Alchemy, Metaphysics, Quantum Physics, Astrophysics, Astrology and more. As well as how that knowledge affects us and can be used in a practical way today.

These modern, practical, and applicable topics cover health, beauty, spirituality, economics, religion, sociology, and more. With so many sincere seekers on the spiritual, physical, and financial freedom path, the demand for effective high-quality information has never been greater.

Enlightenment Through Fashion

It is often overlooked how fashion can influence yourself and the people around you. The emotions and vibrations caused through visual communications are well known among those that control the media and fashion industries.  We believe with a little understanding you can take back that control. Our niche fashion sense is one that raises your spirit and confidence. Not only does it do the same for those around you, but it also sparks interest, curiosity, and are conversation starters that lead to even more enlightenment, discussion, and overstanding.



Community Marketplace (The Black Etsy)

We are passionate about giving back to our community. We have created an online marketplace similar to Amazon or Etsy, but dedicated to our niche of celebrating Ancient Africa and its teachings.

Our Marketplace empowers business owners, giving direct access to their target audience as well as providing marketing assistance and consulting. We provide a place for conscious consumers to order some of the world’s most unique products, and an opportunity for them to control their spending dollars to help grow their own community.

Additionally, we have a growing affiliate program that provides a no-cost income opportunity to our consumers, patrons, followers.



Where funding contributions go👀


This list is ever-changing, but here are our focuses at this stage in pre-seed funding:

  • Raise awareness – Digital Marketing, New product designs, Direct outreach, Print advertising, and branding.

  • Improve shipping times – Improved options for vendors, reduce processing time, source more local products.

  • Improve customer service – 800 numbers, online chat, Increased vendor & affiliate dedicated support

  • Research and publications– Book orders, subscriptions, site visits, special access at artifacts and texts.

  • Website maintenance – continual improvements in hosting, security, design, and site loading speeds.



VIP Packages for Supporters (Here’s what you get)


Pledge $50 or more

That Ankh Life T-shirt

That Ankh Life Bumper Sticker

Kemetic Science E-book Collection

 $10 in Gift Cards.


Pledge $150 or more

That Ankh Life T-shirt

That Ankh Life Bumper Sticker

Investor Pipeline Email Updates

Kemetic Science E-book Collection

$20 in Gift Cards.


Pledge $500 or more

That Ankh Life T-shirt

That Ankh Life Bumper Sticker

Investor Pipeline Email Updates

Kemetic Science E-book Collection

$40 in Gift cards.

CZ Gold Plated Ankh Necklace




For Questions Email

Thank you for any & every contribution

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