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What is an Ankh?


There is a lot of confusion. So much that many have dismissed it altogether, others are eager to understand.  Either way, something has brought you here and we going to break it down over the next few issues.  We welcome your input on our below and invite you to join our Newsletter below as well for even more. Enjoy.

The Ankh is very mysterious and we expect many may disagree with our research.  All opinions are respected by us. I am sure there will be inaccuracies throughout or blogs, but the purpose is a basic holistic understanding. We will attempt to provide references to help initiate you down your own path of understanding.  Here are the topics and questions will try to discuss.


Part 1 – What the Ankh it is not.
Part 2 – Where did the Ankh come from?
Part 3 – What does the Ankh mean?
Part 4 – What’s the big deal about the Ankh?
Part 5 – Why should we wear the Ankh?
Part 6 – What is “That Ankh Life”?


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What the Ankh it is not.



I was hesitant to put this section first because it immediately mentions what everybody is afraid to mention, religion.  So let’s just man up, say what needs to be said, and move on. It’s critical.

The Ankh is not pagan Christian cross. Followers of Bible and the doctrine of Christ often lack knowledge of history outside of the religious text. This lack of knowledge leads modern Christians and similar religions to label the Ankh as a pagan, gothic, or an even satanic copy of the cross symbol that has represented religions since Christs’ “crucifixion” about 2,018 years ago.

But, the oldest ankh symbols have been dated over 6,000+ years ago.  They were re-discovered on the walls of the Egyptian structures like the tomb of Nefertiti and others. These stone engravings tell stories and give meanings for the Ankh. The ancient gods of Egypt are often depicted as carrying ankh signs. We find Anqet, Ptah, Satet, Sobek, Tefnut, Osiris, Ra, Isis, Hathor, Anibus and many other gods often holding the ankh sign, As well as offering them to the Kings and Queens.

In fact, the earliest symbols of the traditional “Christian” cross was also in some of the same ancient Egyptian engravings, over four thousand years before the concept of Christ or Christianity.

As the Christian era eclipsed the Egyptian Pharaonic era, the Ankh sign endured and was adopted by the Coptic Christian church as their unique form of a cross, known as the “crux ansata”. An elementary Latin name meaning “cross with a handle”. As times passed, the loop of the Ankh was removed. And the meanings were lost as new religions began dominating the world.


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     I want to take a second to thank you for all your support. Those living That Ankh life seem to be an exclusive group, therefore, our customer base is very small. Hitting share when you see us goes a long way for our endurance. So don’t forget to check us out on ALL our social media platforms we have different discounts on each, And even more coming here in your email. We welcome your input on our BLOG and hope you enjoy.

Let me hit you with the disclaimer. The Ankh is very mysterious and we expect many may disagree with our research.  All opinions are respected by us. I am sure there will be inaccuracies throughout or blogs, but the purpose is a basic holistic understanding. We will attempt to provide references to help initiate you down your own path of understanding.  Here are the topics and questions will try to discuss.


We gave you the bad news as easy as possible.  History and religion are very blurry and polarizing topics. But in living That Ankh Life it doesn’t matter your religion or take on history. It’s a little bit above those arguments. This is about putting in the effort and finding what was meant for you and what benefits you the most.



Where did the Ankh come from?


Ancient egyptian and african ankhs, clothing, necklaces, and other jewelry


Again, The oldest findings of the Ankh were engraved on the walls of the so-called temples in Egypt. (why they all gotta be temples?… I digress). The Ankh is called an ancient Egyptian Hieroglyph. The word Hieroglyphic was first used in the 1500’s near the time of its rediscovery simply meaning ancient (Hiero-) carvings (-glyphs).

Hieroglyphs are popularly believed to be just pictograms modern western society. What is less known, are the details of the findings of the Rosetta Stone, and how it has allowed us to translate the hieroglyphics into written and spoken language. Historians have learned that the Hieroglyphs are written in an advanced language that the ancient Egyptians themselves called “Mdu Ntr” (pronounced Medu Netcher).

We say “advanced” language because many of its individual symbols translate to multiple sounds, letters, and meanings simultaneously in today’s languages. Translators of the medu neter call the Ankh a . One trilateral translates into 3 letters at its root, this is in addition to it being the 3rd type of translation (w/ pictogram, ideogram). The advanced structure of the Medu neter also has unilateral and bilateral symbols.

At its simplest, that Ankh symbol translates into 3 letters, NKH. This makes up our pronunciation of the A(nkh). It was often used just as our letters today are, in spelling many words and names throughout Ancient Egypt. (ie. Pharaoh TutANKHamen)

It is important to understand the medu neter like other advanced ancient languages did not use vowels as we use them traditionally. Modern “vowels” were created later to help simpler pronunciation methods.

The words that the ancient Egyptians used to name their language, “Mdu Ntr” is a trilateral itself, it is made of 2 symbols (mdu) and (ntr). NTR by itself can translate to “god” and “nature”. Mdu Ntr also gives the origins of the term “mother nature”, and is often translated as such.

More on that discovery, translation, and cover-up of the Mdu Ntr will be coming soon in the “That Ankh Life Newsletter”.

All this and we haven’t even gotten into what it actually means yet!! lol



What does the Ankh mean?



We discussed where the Ankh was found and how it is translated. The meaning, however, is something separate and has changed some throughout the many ages and cultures. But originally, …

What does the Ankh mean?

As we discussed the last issue a trilateral, the Ankh is not only translated into letters and sounds, but it carries meaning. A meaning that translates to the word “Life” or knowledge/key of Life.

How to use the Ankh in its multiple translations is dependent on the context, how, and when it was written. All the translations and meanings are similar. As you study the Mdu Ntr, these seemingly difficult tasks become more clear.


As a pictogram, the Ankh visually represents many aspects of its Ideogram meaning, Life. Studies from ancient inscriptions to new scientific research are all still finding new revelations between the Ankh’s speaking sound, meaning, and visual representation. Here are some of the visual meanings of the Ankh:


  • Man and woman and children –  The original sacred trinity.


  • Earth, water, and sun –  The elements that sustain all of life on earth


  • Chakra energy cycles – the path of the chakras (energy cycles) found within the body, in the earth, in physics, and astronomy


  • Reproductive system – The organs and anatomy. the circle of life


  • The God Particle – New scientific research has found that all particles and DNA take on a specific shape. There is new information that this “Higgs boson particle, which essentially creates matter, maybe in the shape of the Ancient Ankh.


What’s the big deal about the Ankh?


Ancient egyptian and african ankhs, clothing, necklaces, and other jewelry

I would like to take the time out to acknowledge our non-black readers, customers, and supporters. The principles discussed thus far as to what the Ankh represents applies to all life. As so are the beliefs, products, services, Which we will speak more about in Part 6. Being that the Ankh originates in the land of melanated people, the biggest benefits of the Ankh today are for the descendants of Africa.

     So, the big deal? To answer this we need yet another quick history lesson. (what we should have learned in elementary school… I digress) Our lost history has been the catalyst of our slavery and oppression, and therefore it is also the catalyst to our true liberation.

As the Native American(-Africans) are all but extinct, most African-Americans are descendants of slaves. Slaves in America were predominantly from the diaspora of the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade from West Africa(1500-1875, 375yrs), and the Sub-Saharan Slave trade before that(700-1900, 1,200yrs).  Part of effective enslavement has always been to remove previous cultures, beliefs, knowledge, and traditions. And instill not only the beliefs and traditions of the slave masters, but a revised version that maintains the slave master’s control.

     The end of physical slavery in America was a by-product; a result of the economic disputes between North and South United States. These economic disputes led to the Civil War and the outlawing of physical slaves. Physical slavery in America ended generally around 1875. It lasted for 375 years.

     But when it comes to Mental slavery, however, the African descendants in America have not been so fortunate, it is still going strong at about 600 years. Slaves were sold out of an already enslaved Africa, and during these last 600 years, the motherland continues to be colonized and enslaved itself.

Mental slavery is much cheaper and easier to control. Its primary tool, media propaganda, has made our attempts in reconnecting with our beliefs; culture, and ancestors before slavery, all but lost.

     That’s where the Ankh comes in. It represents; a people, a culture, an understanding and a peace that existed before the conquering, enslavement, colonization, and control over Africa and its descendants. To do that you have to go so far back it’s almost unimaginable to some. North Africa was first invaded by Europeans in 200 bc.

When looking into this lost culture that the Ankh represents, you quickly realize some key intriguing points about the Ancient Egyptians( which includes Kemetians, and Nubians):

  • There are more original Ancient Egyptian writings and papyrus than all ancient original religious writings combined.

  • They knew things about astrology today would take a telescope and advanced technology to even see.

  • They knew things on a bio-molecular level that you would need a microscope to even see

  • They built and did things that even with our modern technology we are still unable to duplicate.

  • They were peaceful with practically little to no wars or weapons

  • They were healthy, physically fit, and practically disease and cavity free

Historically, books, media, and word of mouth have proven to be easily modified and used for control. What better way of passing along information to your descendants throughout the ages then stone.

Back to The big deal?  Well, if all this information they knew is accurate with what we know now, then let’s ask ourselves some questions…

  • What about all the other information that Ancient Egyptians understood and notated? …Concepts about the afterlife and our origins? And the abundance of information in the areas of math, physics, spirituality, and astrology?

  • Do we prove it first before we take heed or believe?.. as we have failed to do with our religions?

  • Do we go all-in? being that it is all from our ancestors; and our attempts at freedom, health, and understanding so far have not worked?

And now, in the information age, the Age of Enlightenment, one must re-evaluate what they have been taught and if it still holds true and logically understandable, then so be it; If not, then we must make our adjustments as soon as possible. The sheer possibility that our ancestors left us the keys to a culture of freedom, prosperity, and consciousness is worth any and all effort at this point. Especially for the African descendants of the diaspora in America.


But Why Should We Wear the Ankh?


Throughout history, clothing, and jewelry have been a deep part of art and tradition in every culture. And that is a massive understatement. With the conquering of the African continent and the descendants of Africans abroad from 300 b.c. to present, colder climate European clothing traditions have taken over the world right with them. For those of the diaspora, the relocation to colder North American climates added to the adaption away from African style and garments.

Basic principles of The Art of War says there is always an exchange in
culture, the control over that exchange and its following results are what separates the conqueror form the conquered.

The perseverance of and prevalence of African culture over the last 2500 years is nothing short of amazing. What could have been without such massive restraints? an even more astonishing thought. (thank you “Black Panther” for the visual)

Today “African-Americans” are content for the most part with being free from physical slavery. Part of Mental slavery was to bring about a lack of ambition and a contentment with the current quality of life. The forced adoption of foreign cultures, practices, diets, and beliefs happens to conquered nations throughout history. Even the Ancient Egyptians understood everything operates in cycles and they predicted and prepared for the end of their time of abundance. And believed in not only the reincarnation of their spirits but a cycle that brings abundance back and maintains balance.

On our next series, we will speak on the Age of Enlightenment aka the Age of Information aka the Age of Aquarius, representing the change and the continuing of the cycles throughout the universe. But for now, let’s just say it is literally time to represent your ancestors, and yourself. The visual and emotional effect on the wearer and viewers of ancient African and Egyptian culture shows the benefits in itself.

There has been a disconnect throughout the age with spirituality and consciousness. Along with that, a lack of understanding of the power of culture, fashion, and what it can do to invoke unity and change. but then you can look around and see the mass collective change for yourself.

Better yet, look around and feel. That Ankh Life… 


What is “That Ankh Life”? 



Well, your first mistake was not realizing that the keyword to this phrase is “Life”, and that it is in the phrase twice… That (Life) Life just didn’t flow as well. Lol. Anyway, now that we have a basic understanding of the Ankh, you will find yourself enlightening yourself of other symbols, languages, principals, characters, and culture; of the most advanced, prosperous, and intelligent civilization in known human history. These understandings are most closely represented today as Kemetic Science. A science that explains how all living things don’t just have cells and molecules that make their living being, but we ourselves are just cells and molecules that make up an even bigger living being (or “consciousness”). We are the cells that make up God, a true omnipresence.

Kemetic Science combines spirit science, biology, numerology, geometry, health, physics, astronomy, astrology and many more; pulls what is most important and applicable to oneself, and wraps all that into the study of self or “Know Thyself”…Kemetic science also introduces metaphysics, esoteric, and hermetic principles…what the hell those are, and why you have attracted this information now, we will get into that later.

      Those that live #ThatAnkhLife find a peace in understanding themselves and their surroundings.  An understanding that eliminates belief, and a peace that becomes addictive. Therefore so does the search for knowledge and a higher consciousness.
      That Ankh Life has no religion and has no race. It’s simply those that are more aware, strive for better, and fully appreciate the experience of life. This experience is a reincarnation of the ancient energies that you can only receive upon acknowledgment of what it is. It’s a higher level of awareness. But the journey is no fun alone, not without the people you love.  And actually, you are limited without the people you love.

    Before all this new knowledge, understandings, and consciousnesses lol…NOTHING …NO THING will ever, or has ever, been done without first having the intent or the inspiration. We wear the Ankh and represent that life, and to give that inspirational spark that your mind needs to create intent, curiosity, and purpose.


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