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That Ankh Life Kemetic Science, The Emerald Tablet, and the Hermetic Law of Mentalism

Kemetic Science, The Emerald Tablet, and the Hermetic Law of Mentalism

Let’s talk Kemetic Science.  

Many of us are waking up to the knowledge of ancient world history, and how ancient understandings have been misinterpreted,  misunderstood, Misstranslated (or lost in translation.), and often intentionally altered. And we know now that these processes lead to what we know call “religions”.

What many don’t realize is that the same process of information exchange leads to understandings (and misunderstandings) in mathematics, astrology, biology, physics, chemistry, and more. How? Because it was originally all one area of study. 

Modern civilizations have broken up these studies into different names, categories, and “ologies”. But the more you understand the connections between the studies, the less you separate them

So in ancient Kemet, the understanding is that the entire universe is one conscious being, that your existence is a part of..  And all studies are essentially the study of one. “know thyself” was a great mantra throughout ancient Africa.

But Learning about the entire universe is not an easy task, and separating it into categories to help is not a bad thing. The key is to remember the connections between the studies.

“Kemetic Science” is a modern term so it’s definition is still in debate, but for practical purposes, Kemetic Science is a term to group the categorized concepts and understandings practiced and written in Ancient Kemet.

Why Kemet? Kemet has the oldest, and the most collection of writings and artifacts of the ancient and modern world, It was built through the gathering of ancient African civilizations and became the center and port for the rest for the world to gain and share knowledge. People wonder how the wonders of the ancient world built, and how they possibly knew what they did without modern technology. This is how.

Here are just some of the trending areas of study whose foundation originated within Kemetic Science: Numerology, Astrology, meditation, Ancient geometry, Metaphysics, even Chakras.



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Kemetic Science focuses strongly on the micro (ie physics/metaphysics),  and the macro (ie astronomy/astrology), because they understand they are just blown-up(zoomed in)  and shrunken (zoomed-out) versions of yourself. As above, so below. 


As primary colors are put together to create all the other colors. Those core focuses lead to other study areas like biology, geology, geometry, anatomy, mathematics, even psychology.

Then there are the “Outcasts”. The concepts that were either misunderstood, kept secret for protection, manipulated for control, or made taboo for oppression. Concepts like rain dance, Voodoo, Witches and witch doctor, Telekinesis, Manifestation, Psychic, Meditation, and hypnosis, alchemy, even aliens.

These lists can go on forever. Why? Because we are describing the universe, and the universe is infinite. Here we will discuss some that are more related to our experiences. We will try to focus on the connections between what is often considered separate studies, and how they relate to the broader term Kemetic Science. Hmmm, where to start…


Emerald Tablet

Emerald Tablets of Thoth

The Emerald Tablets of Tehuti is accredited to being the oldest writing on Kemetic science and metaphysics.. 

The original emerald tablets were written in an Archaic Cuneiform on green crystal. Tablets have been said to be found in multiple places around the world, including in egypt, turkey and the south pacific. And have been dated to 36k plus years old.

Many of the translations, commentaries, and replicas are ancient themselves. Including writings from Adonis, Aristotle. There is a 6th-century early Arabic translation, The tablets were recarved in stone in 1606 and again in 1613.

Translations and writing about the emerald tablet are abundant. Popular translations come from Zachariah Stichan, Claude D. Dodgin, Billy Carson, and even Isaac Newton.

The Most Popular of modern-day related writings it’s called The Kybalion, It was published in 1908 by 3 American men who accredited the information to the Emerald Tablet


We will talk more in other articles about the origins and evidence of the emerald tablets. We will give you a simple narrative from our research for now.

The Emerald Tablet states that it was written for humans by Tehuti, A higher frequency entity that traveled the globe sharing universal knowledge and raising the consciousness of men after a great flood. He then left the tablets with the Ancient Egyptian High Priests.

It also states that Tehuti and his knowledge led to the construction of ancient pyramids and structures all over the globe, giving an explanation of the similarities of construction, architecture, alignment. It is how ancients, without modern technology, had advanced knowledge of the cosmos, chemistry, architecture, electricity, physics, nature and more.




As he traveled the world he was praised as a god under many different names.

  • Peru
  • Mexico
  • Cambodia
  • Australia
  • Asia
  • India

Most popularly in Tehuti became known as Thoth in ancient greek, combined with the moon god mercury, and the became Hermes in Roman culture.


It is even said that the words “Alien” and “Thought” came from the “Thoth” the “Atlantean” King.

The tablets include mentions of:

  • flying ships, 
  • a great flood, 
  • transferring consciousness through bodies, 
  • the great pyramids of Giza, on our moon, and on Mars, 
  • space travel, 
  • watching other planets civilizations, 
  • higher frequency beings.

As you can imagine, much of the original understandings have been lost, and well as many stories and beliefs have been added on, especially in modern-day.

The core of all these advanced ancient understandings are the Universal Laws

The Universal Laws, The Primary colors. The understandings that when combined, lead to all other understandings.

  • Principle of Mentalism
  • Principle of Correspondence
  • Principle of Vibration
  • Principle of Polarity
  • Principle of Rhythm
  • Principle of Cause and Effect
  • Principle of Gender

Tehuti’s Emerald Tablets also reverenced the Moon as the key to all human measurements. Without getting too detailed on just how accurate this is, Tehuti, Later renamed “Thoth” by northern invaders, has been noted as the “counter of the stars”, “scribes of the gods”, “possessor of knowledge” “measurer of the earth”, “Recorder of souls”, and more.

This information has adopted many titles over the millennia.

7 Hermetic Principles

As with most ancient African knowledge and culture. Credit to this information was appropriated is now often accredit to Hermes Trismegistus(3 times great), combined with the greek moon god mercury, has been hailed as everything from and human philosopher to a greek god, and later attributed to a plethora of greek mythologies.


There are 7 of them, they are very connected as you will see. In fact, they are only separated in description to help our understanding.

Since most explanations on the net are just reciting the Kybalion. We want to point out the key concepts and use some commentary to help expand your thoughts.



Principle of Mentalism

  “THE ALL IS MIND; The Universe is Mental.”

  • Thoughts create (e)nergy and (motion), therefore emotion. This is shown in how your brain and heart systems, are now known to be electrical systems of signals and sparks.

  • Nothing physical is created without it being thought off first. And therefore thoughts came before all physical matter.

  • Again, nothing physical is created without it being thought of first. Therefore thoughts affect your physical surrounding, not just the other way around.

  • Everything in the universe is made up of the same elements.

  • “You are what you eat” has already been proven to have some molecular truth, but it’s inclusive to all senses. You are what you consume.


Everything is connected, we are a cell in one big brain.

In fact, the cells of the body is a great metaphor:

  • There are 50 trillion cells in the body
  • They each have an individual purpose
  • They turn energy into motion
    • They each have a negative charge on the inside, positive on the outside
    • They produce 1.4 volts each
    • Your body 700 trillion volts
  • They take in, convert, and send out
  • They die regularly(relative) and convert into a different form of energy
    • You shed 30k skin cells per hour
  • They are not fully aware of all other cells
  • Combined, these “cells” make a greater conscience being… us

We are the cells that make up the earth. 6 billion people, add animals and plants we could probably hit a trillion. Point is..

  • We each have an individual purpose
  • We turn energy into motion
  • We take in, convert, and send out
  • We die regularly(relative) and convert into a different form of energy
  • We are not fully aware of all other cells
  • Combined these “cells” make a greater conscience being… earth

The Earth may not think and speak English as you do. But the earth’s orbital rotation and axis rotation creates very specify sound and frequency, it creates a very specific geometric pattern, it emits and receives very specific gas combinations. The earth deals with threats to it existence both internally and externally. The earth is the only planet that provides this particular experience, in fact:

  • Planets have individual purposes
    • The gravity and orbit of Jupiter and others often deflect objects heading for earth
  • Planets turn energy into motion
  • Planets take in convert and send out
  • Planets die regularly(relative) and convert into a different form of energy
  • Planets are not fully aware of all other cells
  • Combined these “cells” make a greater conscience being… a solar system



You get the pattern yet?

Now let’s take it back real quick. Your cells have cells. in fact, they have mini-galaxies called Atoms which have mini-planets called electron a neutron. And even those have been recently found to have an even smaller scale, yet they all are identical in elemental and informational make-up. 

Understanding these Concepts, it becomes conceivable that your thoughts can create physical, chemical and electrical energy. …Those physical quantum energies mixed with what’s already in the sky might initiate what is needed to produce rain. #raindance

Understanding that everything is made up of the same elements just moving and combining in different ways. Understanding that you are connected with that, opens up thoughts that meditation, telekinesis, prayer, rain dance, levitation, dream sharing, physical healing through thought and other concepts may be conceivable.

Allowing yourself to creatively explore that possibility and maybe fuel research that will inspire more creative thought is what initiates a paradigm shift.

This is just an introduction to Kemetic Science as  it relates to Thoth’s 7 Universal Laws or “Hermetic Principles”

As always we will evaluate the practical application to benefit our lives today.

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  • Jassiri Nassor says:

    I enjoyed the article. What is your take on the many distractions in the world and how they play a role in the manifestation element of the Laws of Tehuti?

  • Chris Smith says:

    Very interesting and I will be looking for more to come

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