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That Ankh Life

What does the Ankh mean? – (Part 3)

Peace Family,

We started this Blog Series based on customer inquisition about our passion an understanding for the Ankh. After this series, we will be getting into other enlightening topics.

     Disclaimer, the Ankh is very mysterious and we expect many may disagree with our research.  All opinions are respected by us. I am sure there will be inaccuracies throughout or blogs, but the purpose is a basic holistic understanding. We will attempt to provide references to help initiate you down your own path of understanding.  Here are the topics and questions will try to discuss.

What is the Ankh?

Part 1 – What the Ankh it is not.
Part 2 – Where did the Ankh come from?
Part 3 – What does the Ankh mean?
Part 4 – What’s the big deal about the Ankh?
Part 5 – Why should we wear the Ankh?
Part 6 – What is “That Ankh Life”?

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In our last issue, we discussed where the Ankh was found and how it is translated. The meaning, however, is something separate and has changed some throughout the many ages and cultures. But originally, …

What does the Ankh mean?

As we discussed the last issue a trilateral, the Ankh is not only translated into letters and sounds, but it carries meaning. A meaning that translates to the word “Life” or knowledge/key of Life.

How to use the Ankh in its multiple translations is dependent on the context, how, and when it was written. All the translations and meanings are similar. As you study the Mdu Ntr, these seemingly difficult tasks become more clear.

As a pictogram, the Ankh visually represents many aspects of its Ideogram meaning, Life. Studies from ancient inscriptions to new scientific research are all still finding new revelations between the Ankh’s speaking sound, meaning, and visual representation. Here are some of the visual meanings of the Ankh:

  • Man and woman and children –  The original sacred trinity.
  • Earth, water, and sun –  The elements that sustain all of life on earth
  • Chakra energy cycles – the path of the chakras (energy cycles) found within the body, in the earth, in physics, and astronomy
  • Reproductive system – The organs and the anatomy. the circle of life
  • The God Particle – New scientific research has found that all particles and DNA take on a specific shape. There is new information that this “Higgs boson particle, which essentially creates matter, may be in the shape of the Ancient Ankh.

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